A Natty Day: An Introduction

Hello there! Welcome, reader, to this brand new blog created both out of deep contemplation and impulsive actions. Before we get started, let us cover two topics: 1) who is the guy writing this blog, and 2) what the heck is this blog even about?!


Who Am I?

My legal name is Nathaniel, but I go by many names: Nat, Nate, Nathan, perhaps maybe even Niel? However, my preferred nickname of choice is actually Natty. I mean, I’m cool with whatever as long as it’s not derogatory and I know that I am personally being addressed.

[photo of me to be inserted at a later determined date]

So why Natty, you may ask? What makes this particular nickname stand out amongst all the other possible ways someone can make a nickname of my given name? Let us consult a dictionary!

  • Dictionary.com states that ‘natty’ is an adjective that means to be “neatly or trimly smart in dress or appearance; spruce”

However, throughout time, I’ve had people (actually, just dudes) reference a Natural Light beer when I’ve introduced myself as Natty. Here’s the Urban dictionary definition I’ve found that best explains the use of natty in slang culture:

  • slang abbreviation for “natural“. Usually used to refer to Natural Light beer. Also used in the health & fitness community to refer to bodybuilders who do not utilize performance-enhancing drugs, such as anabolic steroids.

         1) Yo, someone toss me a natty from the fridge.

        2) I don’t care how big you can get on roids…I’d rather be natty and 190 lbs., than 250 lbs. and juicing.

So, naturally (haha!), I adopted ‘Natty’ as my nickname of choice. It just connotes everything that I want to embody – someone who is neatly dressed in appearance and someone who’s “natural” and genuine (also, hopefully, when I do take health and fitness more seriously, I’d be “natty” too).

The Blog Focus

I just watched Zootopia yesterday, so I’m going to be taking some advice from Nick Wilde. What is this blog even going to be about? This blog is what I would call a slice-of-life kind of blog. It’s going to cover aspects of my life that entails fashion, toys, literature, design, entertainment, etc.

I’ll be honest, I’ve tried starting a blog many times before but the previous attempts have never really succeeded. I do, however, have a tumblr, also under the screen name of anattyday (if anyone is curious to see what an unfiltered Natty may be like). It’s mostly me following cat blogs, corgi blogs, artist blogs, doll blogs, gay Asian identity blogs, and…uh…a porn blog or two (shhhhhhh…). So here’s to hoping the third (fourth?) time is the charm!

Have a natty day,




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