Bratz: Backyard Beach Bash

It’s been really hot here in California lately. Today’s highest is going to be 107 degrees apparently? Yikes! So to help cool off, I’m going to be staying in the comfort of my house and doing a mini-review of a Bratz collection that I think is very fitting for today’s conditions: Bratz Backyard Beach Bash!

[Bratz Backyard Beach Bash Yasmin & Cloe]

  • Fun Fact: My friend, Alex B., commonly known as alexbabs12345 on YouTube, interned at MGAE last summer and was actually the one who gave the collection its name! I personally love it as I think it has such an endearing ring to it and it reminds me of the simpler collections the Bratz girls used to have wayyyyy back in the day when they first started.

[Bratz Backyard Beach Bash Yasmin & Cloe with all their accesories (and some extras I added)]

What are my initial thoughts on this line? I think it’s appropriate for the toy season it’s been released in, but I actually haven’t had any luck seeing these girls in stores at all where I live (I’m located in the L.A. suburbs an hour east from the city). I snagged these girls on Amazon for no more than 8 dollars each, but I think the retailed asking price for them was $22.99 when they first came out? That’s insane! For the amount of stuff you get – Bratz doll, pineapple drink, Instax camera, beach bag, beach-themed earrings, and a bracelet – I don’t think that asking price is justified at all! If anything, this is a $12.99 appropriate line…$14.99 if you really want to push it.

[Bratz Backyard Beach Bash Yasmin]

Enough about prices. Let’s talk about Yasmin. If I were to choose only one Bratz from this collection, it’d probably by Yasmin. I’m a big fan of her overall look in general. She’s got a cute orange top with some boho fringe vibes paired with these cute yellow printed high-waisted shorts. Her teal sandals, which match the color of the butterflies on her printed shorts, are lacking some painted detail seen in the promo/prototype Yasmin but it’s not a huge loss here. Psst…I think in terms of shoes, Yasmin has had the best shoes so far in terms of the 2015-onward reboot.

In terms of accessories, Yasmin comes with a woven beach tote (I miss the days where Bratz purses were fabric…), a pineapple drink (which I wish had a handle so the Bratz could hold it), pink little Instax camera, a blue “gem” cuff bracelet, and yellow seashell earrings. There’s bound to be some sun in that backyard beach bash, so I added Selfie Snap Yasmin’s flower sunglasses to complete BBBYasmin’s look.

[Bratz Backyard Beach Bash Cloe]

Cloe wasn’t exactly a must have for me. However, after how much I liked Yasmin and seeing as Amazon was selling her for 8 bucks, I couldn’t resist. No doubt it’s a cute outfit. We’ve got a sunglasses graphic top paired with a striped green jersey circle skirt with a gathered waist. Her sandals looked much more complex in the prototype, but here they’re just a plain orange. I may choose to go highlight some of the details later, but it’s also not much of a big deal.

Cloe also comes with the same amount of accessories as Yasmin. I believe the package liked to claim “7 accessories!”. Let’s see…a pair of teal palm tree earrings (2), one white starfish bracelet (1), one blue Instax camera (1), one orange beach tote (1), and one pineapple smoothie (1). Wait. Oh right, I guess the orange lip brush counts as another one. To help finalize Cloe’s beach look, I added Hello My Name Is Cloe’s heart sunglasses and Hello My Name Is Raya’s cute flamingo necklace. I think it contrasts nicely to Cloe’s blue top here.

 [Bratz Backyard Beach Bash Yasmin & Cloe with all their accesories (and some extras I added)]

So let’s talk about their faces. With visages of this proportion, the faces are a very important element in what makes the Bratz…well, Bratz. I’m pleasantly surprised MGA chose to use this nicer, smoother 2016 screening on what I’d consider to be a collection that veers more along the lines of a budget line (the shorter hair is also typically used in more budget collections). This screening was first introduced in the 2015 Target exclusive Create-a-Bratz and it works really well in this line that gives me chill, summer vibes. The 2015 Bratz featured a style that I think many fans consider to be less appealing and more budget that appears in some lines this 2016 season (i.e. Bratz Music Festival Vibes, Bratz Remix).

All in all, it’s a good line. There are a few adjustments I would have made, however. I think the accessories I added in really help complete the rather simple looks they sport right out of box. Cloe has actual yellow streaks in her hair that I’m not a big fan of. Make-up wise, though, I think she’s got it right. She’s still sporting freckles that I guess are now signature Cloe? Yasmin is equally gorgeous, but I think the one thing that sort of clashes with her look is the bright neon pink lips. I don’t necessarily hate it, but I think it unintentionally makes her look like a rainbow of sorts. She’s got bright pink lips, an eye-catching orange top, yellow high-waisted shorts, teal heels, and a blue “gem” bracelet. That’s quite a lot, Pretty Princess! All she’s missing is a touch of purple. However, I still like Yasmin more than Cloe in this line. In fact, this is actually my favorite Yasmin thus far.

Thanks for tuning into my first ever attempt of a review!

Have a natty day,


P.S. At the end of writing this review, I went on Amazon and ordered Backyard Beach Bash Jade! Maybe I should eventually get Meygan…just for the sake of having the whole collection? Stop me.


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