Bratz: A Retrospective (Part 5: My Passion)

Come close and listen, listen to my story, a story about a kid just…like…us.

That’s right, because this story is about me and my experience growing up as a Bratz fan! Intro ripped from Bratz Sleepover Adventure, when Meygan starts off with similar lines to her scary story…except becoming a fan of the Bratz is nothing to be scary about. I’m so cheesy haha.

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Bratz: A Retrospective: (Part 4: We All Can Be Starz)

Since their release, the Bratz have been pretty much everywhere in terms of the media. Aside from the features of the Mattel vs. MGA court cases on the evening news, the Bratz have made appearances in the form of direct-to-DVD movies, a Saturday morning animated series on the now defunct 4Kids! time slot, and even a shot at the big screen! That’s quite a feat. Grab some popcorn and let’s get started!

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Bratz: A Retrospective (Part 3: Designed By)

When it comes to product design, the way an item is packaged is just as important as the item itself. In fact, it can actually make or break the sales success of said item.

With that said, I’d like to focus the next¬†installment on the product packaging. In addition, I’ll also be delving into the branding behind the Bratz: what worked, what hasn’t worked, and what significant changes have affected the brand.

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Bratz: A Retrospective (Part 2: Everything Changed When the Fire Nation Attacked)

Does anyone get the title reference? I’m a big fan of the¬†Avatar: The Last Airbender¬†series. It’s one of my favorite lines to reference and I believe there’s actually a meme or sorts based upon it as well.

Title tangent aside, let’s get back to discussing Bratz. Today’s topic begins with a rather unfortunate matter that remained an underlying tone of the Bratz brand success until one day, it became their untimely demise. Fret not, for the team at MGA was able to resurrect the girls not just once, but twice; these Bratz¬†will simply not go down without a fight. There’s something about the Bratz brand that’s admirable, but at the same time one can only re-create and re-brand so many times…right?

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Bratz: A Retrospective (Part 1: Bratz World)

The Bratz are, perhaps, the instrumental catalyst in propelling me to where I am today. The spunky, cartoon-like dolls with big, pouty lips and a provacative fashion flair known to have enraged soccer moms everywhere¬†had captured my attention and have taken me along a journey (from childhood through puberty to young adulthood) that I’ve yet to stop! Even though there have been times where I have tried to move on, I’m still drawn back to “the Girls with a Passion for Fashion!” (if anything it’s the magnetic pull of childhood nostalgia).
In order to celebrate the brand, I’ll be doing a week-long retrospective covering everything¬†from their road to success to the packaging design to the movie deals to their downfall to the road to recovery.

Let’s get started, shall we?

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