Bratz: A Retrospective (Part 5: My Passion)

Come close and listen, listen to my story, a story about a kid just…like…us.

That’s right, because this story is about me and my experience growing up as a Bratz fan! Intro ripped from Bratz Sleepover Adventure, when Meygan starts off with similar lines to her scary story…except becoming a fan of the Bratz is nothing to be scary about. I’m so cheesy haha.

It was Christmas of 2005. I was only 11. We had just finished our Christmas dinner and my sister surprises me with a gift. I had already opened my other presents earlier in the morning, like any other excited child would. This gift, however, would ultimately change my life. What was it you ask? Why, only the coolest, bestest, most awesome-rific gift I would ever receive! Right underneath the crisp and festive wrapping paper was…Bratz Twiinz Roxxi & Phoebe. I sat on my bedroom floor for hours just mesmerized by the packaging before I even attempted to pry the girls out from the box.


[Bratz Twiinz Phoebe & Roxxi and Bratz Twiinz Nona & Tess]

       Above is one of the earliest photos I’ve taken of the Twiinz who started it all. From that point on, I became obsessed. The world of Bratz had so much to offer! The release of the Twiinz had a soft spot in my heart and I’ve tried to obtain as many of them as possible. I believe shortly, after receiving the Twiinz, I would go on to get Live in Concert! Yasmin and Rock Angelz Jade. Afterwards, the number of Bratz I obtained would exponentially grow. It didn’t help that I was particularly fond of trying to collect all the characters.

I enjoyed the dolls on my own for awhile until I came across flickr and the doll community there. In particular, there was the Bratz community that was rather keen on competing on “Bratz Next Top Model”-like competitions. From there, I began my start into doll photography. Pictured below are just some of my favorite photos I’ve taken of my Bratz dolls in some of the competitions I participated in the past:

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There was a point, when the first Bratz reboot had happened, where I began writing a little series that would eventually go on to be titled Bratz Whisper. I had quite the big plans, but unfortunately never got past the pilot. At the same time, I was also planning my own take on a Bratz Next Top Model. Unfortunately, yet again, it was cancelled before it had much of a chance to take off. Sometimes, plans change. Sometimes, real life gets in the way of your hobbies.

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Top Model Bratz Top 20

[Top Model Bratz related content]

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[Bratz Whisper related content – I was hoping to be able to share a link to the story here, but unfortunately, it looks as if the work has been erased. Curse you Cloe for spilling your smoothie!]

       I was even so excited by the re-branding in 2013 that I made my own fan-made little campaigns. The main take-away is that the Bratz inspired me right from the get-go, when I was introduced, and have continued to serve as a muse of sorts even to this day. Really, I have a lot of thanks to give to the Bratz. I grew up with the girls with a passion for fashion, and in a way, I am who I am today because of these dolls. Hehe. -insert sheepish grin here-

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I believe it’s pretty much time to wrap it up. So what are my thoughts on the future of Bratz?

It’s only been their second season since this reintroduction, but I’m skeptical to say the Bratz have been really successful in reclaiming their market space. What started off with designated shelf space and banners and end cap displays in the toy shelves has now dwindled to a mere few shelves and hangers shared with other dolls such as Monster High, Ever After High, Disney Descendants, and DC Super Hero Girls. Meanwhile, Barbie still sits adjacent across the aisle in her own designated space. I’ve had trouble finding some of their newer collections (Study Abroad Wave 2, Backyard Beach Bash, Music Festival Vibes) while products from last season are actually still sitting on shelves albeit attempts from retailers to have them sold off in discounted clearance prices. Only time will tell the fate of the Bratz, but for now,  I’ve enjoyed this wild ride thus far. There have been speed bumps and pot holes, but this journey is (hopefully) far from over.

Have a natty day!



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