Project MC2: Smart is the New Cool

From the makers of Bratz comes Project Mc2, a doll line introduced in Fall 2015 with a core focus on S.T.E.M. – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.


Before delving into the dolls, I should also mention that there’s also a Netflix series, produced by MGA Entertainment and AwesomenessTV (a division of DreamWorks Entertainment), that correlates to the doll line.


[Project MC2 Basic Collection: McKeyla McAlister, Adrienne Attoms, Bryden Bandweth] 

Each season, MGA releases two collections: the basic “core” collection, in which the dolls come on bodies with the standard five points of articulation, and the deluxe “experiements” collection, in which the dolls come with added articulation at the wrists, elbows, and knees and an experiment for you to try (so as to foster further curiosity for young girls).

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On the back of each box is a profile of the character: a headshot of the actress portraying the character in the Netflix series, a list of likes and dislikes, and a short bio of the character describing her core interests.

Each doll comes dressed in an awesome day-to-day fashion that matches the costumes worn in the series. Now, I have to say, the fashions here are definitely on-point! I absolutely love the tees that these girls come with. It should be noted that most of their fashions, excluding perhaps the bottoms, can actually be shared with same-sized 11.5-inch fashion dolls!


In the deluxe series, the packaging and the dolls are pretty much the same, only that there are a few additional extras such as the added little experiment and the additional articulation on the doll’s body. Each one is aptly named after each experiment, such as “Bryden’s Glow Stick”.


Here’s a look at the deluxe articulated body versus the standard core body. I have to say, I actually prefer the core body just because it’s got a more sturdy feel to it. Perhaps it’s because the Adrienne Attoms I have is from the first series, but I’m not a fan of how flimsy and floppy it feels. It should also be noted that Adrienne and Bryden come with heeled feet whereas McKeyla has flat feet so not everyone can share shoes. Bummer!


Here’s Bryden in comparison to similar-sized friends. In terms of her body proportions, she seems to kind of be a mixture of Monster High and Bratz, yet she can share Barbie fashions (to some degree).

Concluding thoughts:

It’s a cute line and I appreciate it for what it is. I’m definitely enjoying the fashions as they have a more believability in comparison to what the Bratz brand was releasing in the same time period. I guess it’s a start to get girls interested in S.T.E.M., but I can see how the fashions and the media element of the Netflix show can overshadow the ability to foster further interest in the sciences and maths. From what I’ve seen, it’s utilized as accessories to the fashion and media. However, I guess that’s the caveat of using fashion dolls as a medium to bring about S.T.E.M. to little girls.

Have a natty day!



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